As someone said 'Even the sun has it's dark spots'. Last week was rather stimulating I must say. Last week it was all about bikes and umbrellas. Might sound like good fun but the two of them can work out nasty things if let alone. Here I speak from experience, I rather see 57th bride of Chucky than let them have a go again.
So last week, Tuesday, as I finished work loads of rain decided to fall and my boss offered me an umbrella. Not bad not bad. Wednesday morning, the sun is high on e and can't stop beaming but I have to return the umbrella so I bring it along to school. It is during this little trip something occurs. I see up ahead that the traffic light switches to green so I speed up to make the light, note Japanese traffic lights are notorious slow so you don't want to miss them. At full speed on my mini bike the umbrella feels that it no longer can resist the oh so charming front wheel and slips in for a move. This cause my bike to come to a complete stop and leaves me flying over the bike. Ouch!
10 minutes later I am able to use my legs again and I get up on the bike and ride at the amazing speed of 0.5 mph to school. Even though I am pretty roughed up looking i get marked for over sleeping, great.
With a limp on my left leg I go to work, I park my bike in front of the train station and get on the train. After work my leg is in too much pain so I take the train home. A few days later I go to pick up the bike just to find it is not there any more. Someone has thrown it into the river, great! I get it up and find that the pedals are so deformed so bike is completely useless, great! I have to walk home now, great! Later I found out that any cool bike is sold out, great!
But shame to the quitter! ...and long live internet! Today I bought a new bike, which will be delivered to my house on Friday, great!!
And here is the beauty:


  1. elin jr. said...

    hej hej gubben!! aj aj vilken otursdag, men cykeln var schysst! hoppas benet känns bättre. vad kul att du gillade mina skisser! jag har faktiskt hunnit sy lite kläder sen jag kom hem men dom får du se när du kommer hem, för du kommer väl hem?? undrar alla..
    hoppas jag inte är oförskämd som skriver på svenska, är dethär mikas blogg lika mycket som din? utifall; geng ki? (är inte 100 på stavningen..)men ha det gött!! tu mi manca!  

  2. elin jr. said...

    där kom din första kommentar..och här den andra! hihi.. hälsningar den lättroade receptionisten =)  

  3. Martin said...

    Cool! I got some comments!! Well well, i guess this is a kind of international blog. But hey no worries please write in the language of your preference. Yes, i am coming home for summer. I'll be flying from japan on the 8th of august!
    So i'll see you soon sis! looking forward to check out the clothes you made and i am sure Mika is too.
    Have fun, don't work too hard now ... hehehe.  


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