Hello hello,

So finally this little computer has recovered from its latest set back. My hard drive died on me, the tech guy said it was the boot sector that had gone on holiday, never to return, sadly. Wonder what that would be like just walk away for good. So i one were to do that what would be the first to do? I mean if you walk away on everything, kinda burn your passport and then leave, just to make it more interesting. Well I have no idea, so im just gonna leave you guys hanging.
So August in Kyoto, Japan something that everybody loves right? Hot, humid and nasty I believe are the best keywords for describing it. So what do one do to cope with this lovely beast? Obviously one leaves the country for a little bit so that one can make a spectacular return. I think that is the main reason why so many people go on holidays and travels, just to be able to make a spectacular return. Now in my case my return to this country was anything but spectacular i feel, something to work on here. And can someone PLEASE tell me why Japanese customs ALWAYS insist on looking through my luggage? I never felt that i had that drug-lord-look going on. But hey, I might be wrong, my style might just be big-ass-all-cool-drug-lord, I cant really rule that out since i am in lack of drug lord friends and we all know the saying "Never say never". Even though hearing it makes us annoyed, well at least me.
Anyways, the trip back to Sweden was great, had lots fun and i think that my girlfriend had fun to, even though I failed to make a grand return. Now I am doing the normal stuff again, school, work, sleep. All very exciting stuff, wouldn't you agree?
So dearst friends take care, have a blast and I'll see you around!


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