Hello hello,

So finally this little computer has recovered from its latest set back. My hard drive died on me, the tech guy said it was the boot sector that had gone on holiday, never to return, sadly. Wonder what that would be like just walk away for good. So i one were to do that what would be the first to do? I mean if you walk away on everything, kinda burn your passport and then leave, just to make it more interesting. Well I have no idea, so im just gonna leave you guys hanging.
So August in Kyoto, Japan something that everybody loves right? Hot, humid and nasty I believe are the best keywords for describing it. So what do one do to cope with this lovely beast? Obviously one leaves the country for a little bit so that one can make a spectacular return. I think that is the main reason why so many people go on holidays and travels, just to be able to make a spectacular return. Now in my case my return to this country was anything but spectacular i feel, something to work on here. And can someone PLEASE tell me why Japanese customs ALWAYS insist on looking through my luggage? I never felt that i had that drug-lord-look going on. But hey, I might be wrong, my style might just be big-ass-all-cool-drug-lord, I cant really rule that out since i am in lack of drug lord friends and we all know the saying "Never say never". Even though hearing it makes us annoyed, well at least me.
Anyways, the trip back to Sweden was great, had lots fun and i think that my girlfriend had fun to, even though I failed to make a grand return. Now I am doing the normal stuff again, school, work, sleep. All very exciting stuff, wouldn't you agree?
So dearst friends take care, have a blast and I'll see you around!

This blog is becoming amazingly popular and it is very hard to keep up with all the corrspondense. So far we have 3 comments, 1 of them is from me, so as you see it is hard to keep up. But I promise that no comment will go unoticed. That`s all for the good news. Now lets inspect what has been happening on the darker side of the apple.
It has happend again, my computer is dead....again. I am starting to feel that there might be this lovely curse hanging over me when it comes to computers. My last computer died eight times on me and now this one is following in the same path. Maybe after all Mac is the way to go?
So I am sad to say this to my compasionate followers but updates and similar things might be a bit sparse in the near future.
To sum this all up, a friendly advise from some country that I have not yet been to: Shame to the person who abandon a limping dog.

Have fun everybody. Bye the way I am coming to Sweden the next month.

As someone said 'Even the sun has it's dark spots'. Last week was rather stimulating I must say. Last week it was all about bikes and umbrellas. Might sound like good fun but the two of them can work out nasty things if let alone. Here I speak from experience, I rather see 57th bride of Chucky than let them have a go again.
So last week, Tuesday, as I finished work loads of rain decided to fall and my boss offered me an umbrella. Not bad not bad. Wednesday morning, the sun is high on e and can't stop beaming but I have to return the umbrella so I bring it along to school. It is during this little trip something occurs. I see up ahead that the traffic light switches to green so I speed up to make the light, note Japanese traffic lights are notorious slow so you don't want to miss them. At full speed on my mini bike the umbrella feels that it no longer can resist the oh so charming front wheel and slips in for a move. This cause my bike to come to a complete stop and leaves me flying over the bike. Ouch!
10 minutes later I am able to use my legs again and I get up on the bike and ride at the amazing speed of 0.5 mph to school. Even though I am pretty roughed up looking i get marked for over sleeping, great.
With a limp on my left leg I go to work, I park my bike in front of the train station and get on the train. After work my leg is in too much pain so I take the train home. A few days later I go to pick up the bike just to find it is not there any more. Someone has thrown it into the river, great! I get it up and find that the pedals are so deformed so bike is completely useless, great! I have to walk home now, great! Later I found out that any cool bike is sold out, great!
But shame to the quitter! ...and long live internet! Today I bought a new bike, which will be delivered to my house on Friday, great!!
And here is the beauty:

From time to time it hits me; Photoshop is quite fun to play around with. So one way to spend a Saturday evening might be in front of Photoshop.
What i have been doing mainly is just retouching some old pictures that been lying around on my hard drive.
Here are some random pictures:

Here I thought it could b fun to play around with a texture of some rusty metals and see what might happen. Aside from the texture I also have added Gradient Maps to increase the contrast in the picture. I also darkened the background and lit up the foreground, you might notice that my eyes are looking a bit strange that is because I intentionally made them stand out. My idea for this little picture was not to make anything believable I was more focused on making an artificial image and in the process hopefully learn a little bit more about some techniques in Photoshop. Anyway, it was good fun.

The top picture is the before picture. In this image I have added a black and white gradient map and blended it with luminense. To achieve a softer, dreamier look I duplicated the red alpha channel and blurred it out. Then I used the blendmode overlay, I think, and then I masked out the parts that i still wanted to be in focus like eyes and the mouth.

In this images all sorts of strange stuff happened. I wanted to create a kind of bleach effect for the image. But I think that I might have gone a little way over the top. Can't really say that I am pleased with the current result. But hey even the sun has its dark spots...hehehe..

I wonder if anyone will come to the dinner mentioned on in the invitation card. Maybe I need to rethink here.

Well well, have fun everyone!

Hello hello,

I thought that I should share the animation I made, to see what people think so I uploaded it on a site called www.veoh.com (similar to youtube.com)
Well I hope that someone will watch it and maybe say what they think, could be fun I think.

This animation I made as a final project in the animation school in Brisbane, Australia. I took me 13 weeks to complete it. During the summer of 2006 (winter in Australia).

Enjoy everybody and have fun!

hmmm.... I am using Firefox and the video plays nicely there but I doesn't seem like it wants to work with Internet Explorer for some reason. So I'll post a direct link to the animation: The Movie

Kyoto by Bike

Sunday the 29th of April.

A little bit late on the day me and Mika goes out to have a look at Kyoto by bike. Outside our house we find a little difficulty, my bike is not there. I seem to have left it in the city, hehe. So I go and get it and we decide to meet up in Gion and from there go to Heian-jingu shrine. Well that was the plan.

Choin-in Temple

This temple looks kinda neat I think. Unfortunately it was already closed when we got there, but what can you do. We are going there next time.

Some info about it, its old and big...hehehe...
Well actually the front gate is massive its the biggest of its kind in Japan. On the temple ground there is also a bell, which supposedly is also the biggest of its kind in Japan. Weighs more than several city buses. On could draw the conclusion from this that the guy who made it all were suffering from some kind of complex perhaps? But what do I know, well I have a normal sized door, that I know.

And apparently this temple appeared in the Tom Cruise movie "Last Samurai" at some point, or so I've heard. Personally I can't recall it , but who know's maybe . Alright, the movie looked nice and I liked Ken Watanabe's performance but for the rest, let's just move on to another topic shall we.

Heian-jingu shrine

This is the Otori in front of the actual shrine, you can see the entrance of the shrine in the back of the picture.
This place is pretty big, has a huge yard in the middle and there are four large gardens surrounding the place. But, when we got there the gardens were already closed. We really should start earlier. Anyway, the place is pretty new. Built in 1895 to to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Heian Kyo (Kyoto), and for the sake on some emperors. The gardens (that I never saw) are apparently representative of the Meji era and changes with the seasons. Maybe I should head back there and have a look, couldn't hurt is it doesn't cost anything, or maybe the gardens cost. Can't remember.

Shoren-in Temple

Alright we went to this temple to watch the light up. Meaning we went there after nightfall and they light up the temple grounds with various lights, its quite pretty I think. But also a nightmare for me trying to take pictures. So I do apologies for the bad quality of the images. Plus I ran out of battery on my camera.

Shoren-in Temple's four gardens are famous in Japan, each attributed to a different luminary of Japanese landscape architecture. The gardens are sometimes illuminated at night, and on occasion are the setting for traditional koto(Japanese zither) concerts.

Starting up...


Since I got internet today I thought that I might do something with it. So why not try out this thing everybody has been doing like uhmm creating a blog...

All right I've more or less lived outside of Sweden now for allmost three years so my access to internet has been up and down. But now thats sorted! Finally!!

So really what are you suposed to do with a blog? Beats me! i've just heard of them and to me they are like a strange animal from southern Belgium. And really what is that? do you cook it or is just for looks? So if you cook it, would it taste good or would it taste like the japanese natto? I really dont like natto so let's hope they aren't similar.

Have fun everybody!


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