From time to time it hits me; Photoshop is quite fun to play around with. So one way to spend a Saturday evening might be in front of Photoshop.
What i have been doing mainly is just retouching some old pictures that been lying around on my hard drive.
Here are some random pictures:

Here I thought it could b fun to play around with a texture of some rusty metals and see what might happen. Aside from the texture I also have added Gradient Maps to increase the contrast in the picture. I also darkened the background and lit up the foreground, you might notice that my eyes are looking a bit strange that is because I intentionally made them stand out. My idea for this little picture was not to make anything believable I was more focused on making an artificial image and in the process hopefully learn a little bit more about some techniques in Photoshop. Anyway, it was good fun.

The top picture is the before picture. In this image I have added a black and white gradient map and blended it with luminense. To achieve a softer, dreamier look I duplicated the red alpha channel and blurred it out. Then I used the blendmode overlay, I think, and then I masked out the parts that i still wanted to be in focus like eyes and the mouth.

In this images all sorts of strange stuff happened. I wanted to create a kind of bleach effect for the image. But I think that I might have gone a little way over the top. Can't really say that I am pleased with the current result. But hey even the sun has its dark spots...hehehe..

I wonder if anyone will come to the dinner mentioned on in the invitation card. Maybe I need to rethink here.

Well well, have fun everyone!

Hello hello,

I thought that I should share the animation I made, to see what people think so I uploaded it on a site called (similar to
Well I hope that someone will watch it and maybe say what they think, could be fun I think.

This animation I made as a final project in the animation school in Brisbane, Australia. I took me 13 weeks to complete it. During the summer of 2006 (winter in Australia).

Enjoy everybody and have fun!

hmmm.... I am using Firefox and the video plays nicely there but I doesn't seem like it wants to work with Internet Explorer for some reason. So I'll post a direct link to the animation: The Movie


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